Thursday, August 22, 2013 Leads Sedo's Weekly Sales List at $35,000 topped Sedo's weekly sales chart at $35,000.  Other impressive domain sales included at the top of the ccTLD category at $15,000 and topping the "Other" category at $4,400 .


Saturday, July 27, 2013

WordPress Adds .CO Domain Names as Custom Option for Bloggers

Automattic,the company behind ,announced that it as added .CO domains to its limited number of TLDs available for fully hosted websites .

.CO became this way the fifth TLD option for hosted websites and now people who want to have their websites hosted on can select from .COM , .NET , .ORG , .ME and .CO .

"Automattic, the company behind, announced today that it has added .CO as a custom domain name option for fully hosted sites. .CO will be joining .com, .org, .net and .me as one of only five custom domain options available through is the world’s most popular web publishing and hosting platform, making it easy for people to publish content online.  There are currently over 33 million websites and blogs in over 120 languages around the world powered by, including the sites of many of the most well-recognized web publishers, like CNN, TechCrunch and TED.

Now people can register custom .CO web addresses for their businesses, brands or blogs directly on “Short, memorable and easy to share, .CO has become one of the most popular web addresses among developers, bloggers, innovators and entrepreneurs,” said Raanan Bar-Cohen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Services, Automattic. “By partnering with .CO, we hope that will inspire even more people to launch more businesses, unleash more ideas, share more content -- and to build the future online.”

“ customers already get the world’s most incredible content management system, with web hosting, security and analytics built right in – all without having to deal with web servers, complex configurations or coding," said Nicolai Bezsonoff, COO of .CO, “the custom .CO domain option is the icing on the cake!”

If you want to get a custom .CO domain for a new site, please visit If you want to add a .CO domain to an existing site, you can follow these simple instructions to get started."


Google Reveals ChromeCast,Without Owning Domain Name

Google has just announced their new product today,called Chrome Cast,without owning domain .Chrome Cast will allow users to stream videos from a tablet of phone to their TV using Chrome.

Just like Microsoft did in the case of XboxOne,Google did not secure the domain name domain before announcing the release of their new product.

According to whois records, is owned by a media design and IT consulting company out of Edmonston,Canada .However,Google took the time to register .According to whois records , was registered on July 18th,2013 and it is not yet resolving .


Sedo Reports $1.2 Million in Domain Sales! Topped Sedo's weekly sales list at $35,000 topped Sedo's weekly sales chart at $35,000 .Highlights also include,leading the ccTLD category at 17,650 EUR and,leading the "Other" category at $14,500 .

Other notable domain name sales include :

.COM 18,000 USD 15,000   USD 12,000   USD 9,500   USD 8,000   USD 7,500   USD 7,000   USD 6,500   USD 6,000   EUR 6,000   USD 5,500   USD 5,500   USD 5,000   USD 5,000   EUR 5,000   USD 4,950   EUR 4,950   USD 4,500   USD 4,500   EUR 4,433   USD 4,000   USD 4,000   USD 3,800   EUR 3,567   USD 3,500   USD

ccTLD 17,650 EUR

beauté.fr 17,650   EUR 13,000   EUR 6,500   USD 5,100   USD 4,900   EUR 4,000   EUR 3,600   GBP 3,500   EUR 3,250   USD 3,000   EUR 2,838   EUR

bü 2,500   EUR 2,200   EUR 2,100   GBP 2,000   USD 2,000   EUR 1,999   USD 1,800   USD 1,785   EUR 1,785   EUR 1,750   EUR 1,750   EUR 1,750   USD 1,750   EUR

Other 6,500 USD 5,860   EUR 4,544   USD 4,000   EUR 3,500   USD 3,000   EUR 2,750   USD 2,000   EUR 1,750   USD 1,600   USD 1,600   USD 1,550   USD 1,500   USD 1,500   EUR

For more information,check out here . Wins Weekly Sales List at $135,000 domain name sold for $135,000,topped Domain Name Journal weekly sales list of reported domain names for the week ending Sunday,July 24,2013. 

There was only one six figure domain name sale : for $135,000 .

Sedo had a great week in the sales chart,taking 11 of the top 20 positions .Correspondingly,Afternic took seven of the top 20 positions .

.COM dominated once again the list,with 16 of the top 20 positions.

Here are the top 20 positions for the week ending  July 24,2013 : $135,000 $46,200 $32,000

4.tie $23,298

4.tie Beauté. fr (IDN) $23,298 $18,500 $18,000 $17,160 $15,000 $14,500 Sedo $13,500 $12,000 $9,900

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

18.tie $8,000

18.tie $8,000 $7,920


Friday, July 26, 2013

Three-Day-Old Royal Baby was Named ! Domain Names Registered in Seconds

Just after the Royal House announced that the Royal Baby has been named George Alexander Louis,people started registering domain names related to his name . was registered not long after CNN reported that the Royal Baby has been named George Alexander Louis .According to whois records,the domain name was registere by Luc-Andre Biggs .The domain name is already parked at . was also registered within seconds the news was reported .According to whois records,the domain name was registered by Jonathan Moore of the UK .Moreover,Jonathan Moore also registered .

Other examples include : - Registered under privacy,according to whois records - Registered by Tyras Kids Public Relations - Registered by,according to whois records - Registered by Dominic Forth out of Tampa Domain Name is up For Sale , a premium brokerage company,announced recently the availability of key pet services domain name

", a premium domain brokerage firm, announces the availability of key pet services domain name

The pet product industry is a booming industry with annual spending in the U.S. markets that reach into the billions of dollars ($53.33 billion in 2013 for pet products with $4.16 billion of that coming from pet services). Traditionally a recession-resistant industry, the growth of the pet products industry has largely been driven by large, multi-store, physical location-based chains like Pet Smart, Pet Value and Petco. Many newer companies, like Canada’s Pet Value and Global Pet Foods, have been expanding at healthy paces as well. Pet Smart’s founder Jim Doughert also has a new brand with Pet Sense and has opened over 40 of his new stores in the past five years alone.

In addition to the many top tier brick-and-mortar pet stores where you can take your dog to be groomed or boarded, there is a keen rise in mobile grooming services . There are several franchise opportunities available with companies like Aussie Pet Mobile and Wag’n Tails, and many local entrepreneurs are jumping into the business.

The phrase “pet grooming” generates 673,000 global searches per month in Google Search alone, with over twelve thousand of those being exact match searches. The keywords contained in the domain name are the most common keywords that a potential customer might use in an online search engine to look for these services and can potentially help customers find the website of anyone utilizing this exact match domain name. The strength of these keywords can also help instill confidence that a new brand is of high quality and can help build much needed trust for making a first time purchase of services. This makes an invaluable brand and a great lead generation tool for any company looking to break into the pet services industry or obtain the specific leads for their pet products business as pertains to a services division.

Ernest C. Seymour III, the president of says, "America loves pets. Over 46% of households own at least one dog, and we love to take good care of our loved ones. Pet grooming boutiques and mobile services are in high demand and internet sales continue to climb...all of which contribute to make a very smart and safe investment in the online space." is available exclusively through Super Niche for $200,000. For more information on or to make an offer, please visit


Super Niche LLC is a professional domain brokerage firm that has been on the web since 2004. As a premier place to buy or sell a premium domain name we specialize in the sale, consultation and acquisition of high quality aftermarket domain names. Super Niche’s mission is to match well funded buyers with motivated sellers by utilizing the power of our Domain Investor's Network(DIN) and the Name Factor Domain Analysis Newsletter to provide a flow of powerful keyword domains to domain investors, corporations and end users around the world.



Premium Domain Name Hits the Market domain name is now up for sale .The domain name ranks already in Google and will be sold to the highest bidder .

"Believe it or not, Summer is winding down and college students all across the country are gearing up for a brand new Fall semester. In conjunction with the flock of students returning to classes, is going up for auction and the highest bidder has the opportunity to acquire a great domain name. already ranks in Google and receives a steady flow of organic traffic coming into the site. The domain hosts a developed website that offers an extensive National college bookstore directory that contains a list of school bookstores for every state with the following information available for each store: Address, City, State, Email Address, Phone, Fax, Hours of Operation, School's Nickname, School Colors, Undergraduates, Post Graduates, Staff, Directions To Bookstore, Reviews, and a Google Map of the bookstore – the amount of content that is included in this domain is spectacular!

Along with the extensive college bookstore directory on, the premium domain auction will also include the built-in textbook price search engine as well as the free CollegeBooks iPhone app.

College students can visit and search for used and new textbooks via Title, Author or ISBN – the site will instantly return a list of online retailers that sell those textbooks with the prices that each one currently has them listed at.

In case a student needs to look up a college bookstore or textbook price on the go, offers the free CollegeBooks iPhone app that allows students to search the National college bookstore directory and use the textbook price search engine from any iOS device – the inclusion of the iPhone app makes this domain auction an excellent grab for anyone that wants a website that is 100% developed.

Gear up for the upcoming Fall semester by acquiring a great online college bookstore website that will surely be of great benefit to the millions of college students returning to class after a long Summer break.

About CollegeBookstore was founded in 1999 and the company strives to offer college students a free resource to search for local college bookstores and buy cheap textbooks online. This premium domain is a great acquisition as the Fall semester is quickly approaching."


Geographic gTLD Applications Taking A Battering

Objections to a number of applications for regional generic Top Level Domains have meant that a few have seemingly bitten the dust.

First was the application for .swiss by Swiss International Airlines. The Swiss government objected to this application, and so the airline withdrew its application.

Then there were a few South American countries that objected to applications for .patagonia by the outdoor company and .amazon by the online retailer, and both seem to have been rejected.

For .patagaonia, Argentina and Chile protested while Brazil and Peru objected to .amazon. All of the countries objected to private companies having control of gTLDs and preventing individuals and organisations in these regions being able to register domains to benefit the regions.

The protests against the three gTLD applications have been most prominent at Governmental Advisory Committee. For example, the Swiss government set out its reasons for objecting and said "there is no doubt that the adjective/noun 'Swiss' and the management of the corresponding gTLD belong to the Swiss community and should not be controlled by a single private entity."

The governments of Brazil and Peru in objecting to .amazon said the application by the online retailer "has not received support from the governments of the countries in which the Amazon region is located. Therefore, the Governments of Brazil and Peru (GAC Members), with full endorsement of Bolivia, Ecuador and Guyana (Amazonic non GAC members) and also of the Government of Argentina, would like to request that the gTLD application be included in the GAC early warning process."

The governments of Argentina and Chile gave similar reasons for their objections to .patagonia.

In the case of both of .amazon and .patagonia, there was only one application for each. But in the case of .swiss, the Swiss government also applied through their Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.


Moniker Premium Summer Auction Results

Domain name auction company SnapNames,managed to sell close to 66,000 ($65,770)  worth of domain names in its Summer auction .The highest sale is at 8,000 .

The auction featured 139 domain names .

Here are the results:    $5,507  $6,300   $5,000   $4,200   $375   $385   $425    $350   $325    $8,000   $5,500   $4,900    $590    $300    $300   $300   $300   $300  $300   $300   $300   $300    $300    $300  $480  $355   $785  $950  $550  $1,450   $726  $480  $1,313  $5,800   $3,612   $3,421  $691


Sunday, June 30, 2013

ICANN Is Ready to Release New Web Domains

ICANN passed a major milestone Friday to broadening the world of domain names by the end of this year

The board of US-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced freshly-approved benefits and responsibilities for registrars that essentially act as domain name wholesalers.  Changes to contractually enforceable rules include requiring registrars to confirm phone numbers or addresses of those buying domain names within 15 days.

"People who have stolen an identity or have criminal backgrounds obviously don't want to give you their name and address if their intentions are not kosher," said Cyrus Namazi, ICANN's vice president of industry engagement.  "The intent here is to weed out bad actors."

The New Roadrunner Domains Manager is Here!

At Roadrunner Domains, we have improved the way our customers work with their domain names. The new Domain Manager features a cleaner, friendlier interface and streamlined domain management processes. To help you, new help articles are available now.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Major League Baseball Buys Outstandings Domain Name

Major League Baseball Buys

Major League Baseball Buys
Major League Baseball purchased the domain at a domain auction last week.  It has not been reported what they plan to do with the domain.  Maybe it could be for "outstanding" player awards. 

New generic top level domains and the Trademark Clearinghouse – this what you need to know

Buying Generic Top Level Domains and What You Need To Know

The world is entering into a period of great change in the internet domain name space.  Approximately 1,400 new generic (and not so generic) top level domains ("gTLDs") will soon be coming online. For trademark owners, this will create potential new opportunities for increasing the scope of their internet presence. However, it will also almost inevitably lead to increased costs and headaches for brand owners in terms of protecting their valuable brands online. There are presently approximately two dozen gTLDs, including .com, .net and .org, as well as numerous country code top level domains, such as .ca, and .hk (for Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, respectively). The new gTLDs that are in the process of being rolled out are of four general types, namely, brand names such as .canon and .chevrolet, geographic locations such as .amsterdam and .seattle, industries such as .software, and generic words such as .shop, .art and .book. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") is in charge of the gTLDs expansion and is expected to begin approving the first of the new gTLDs for use and registration later in 2013. A full list of all of the proposed gTLDs is available here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Swedish Prosecutors Want To Revoke Pirate Bay Domain Names

Pirate Bay Domains May Be Revoked By Swedish Prosecutors

Pirate Bay Domains May Be Revoked
Swedish prosecutors are going after the Pirate Bay again, this time telling a court that the .SE domain names used to access the site should be revoked.  Specifically, the prosecutors are looking to Sweden's Internet Infrastructure Foundation - which handles .SE domain name registrations - to "de-register" the domains, and

Facebook Awarded $2.8 Million in Damages And Domain Names

Facebook Awarded $2.8 Million In Damages For Domain Name Cybersquatting

A decision was recently handed down in California awarding Facebook $2.8 million in damages for domain name ‘squatting’.  The defendants in the Facebook case were found to have contravened the United States Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), the domain names in question attempting to profit from misspelling and/or utilisation of the trade mark either alone or amongst other common or misspelled words in the domain name.  Eleven defendants were ordered to pay amounts ranging from $5,000 to $1.34 million and transfer of over 100 domain names to Facebook was ordered.

Sega Registers Lost World Domains

Lost World Domains Registered By Domain

Sega Registers Los World Domain Names
Newly registered trademarks and domains point to Sonic's return in something subtitled Lost World(s). Sega Europe trademarked Sonic: Lost World just yesterday, and locked down domains for both and on Monday, May 13.

The cerulean critter's last major outing, discounting Sonic 4 Episode 2, was Sonic Generations in November 2011. Sega's been teasing this year as a big one for Sonic fans, and you have to go back to the days of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes for as long a gap between major 3D Sonic games.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dept Of Homeland Security Seizes 10 Domain Names is reporting that

“The  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seized 10 Internet domain names that were illegally selling trademarked cycling equipment and apparel globally.”

“The 10 seized domain names are a continuation of “Operation In Our Sites” (IOS), an HSI sustained law enforcement initiative that began in 2010.”

“The seized domain names are now in the custody of the U.S. government.”

“Visitors typing those domain names into their web browsers will now find a banner that notifies them of the seizure and educates them about the federal crime of willful copyright infringement.
“Houston HSI special agents worked closely with companies that manufacture cycling products to include Specialized, INVISTA (owners of the COOLMAX® and LYCRA® brands), along with PayPal and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

“This enforcement action was planned against a number of websites that were selling counterfeit high-end carbon bike frames, apparel and cycling shoes.”

Here is the list of seized domain names:

7 end users who bought domains from Marchex last quarter

P&G, TomTom among companies that sprung for big ticket domains last quarter.
Earlier today Marchex posted its top 20 domain sales for last quarter (sans price tags).
As with the company’s prior list of top 500 all time domain sales, the sales were to a mix of end users and domainers/lead gen types.

Here are some of the end user purchases last quarter:

Procter & Gamble bought after being found guilty of trying reverse domain name hijacking to steal the domain.

Sunripe Enterprises bought They appear to be affiliated (or a former name) of Chef Works, which sells chef uniforms. They’ve already put the domain to use as an e-commerce store.
IT and logistics company Simain Group bought

GPS company TomTom bought The company offers a program called WebFleet for fleet reporting.

Currency trader GID Associates, which seems to specialize in selling Iraqi Dinars, bought

Internet security company Awareness Technologies bought

Hakka Cultural Industry Group bought

Frank Schilling Sells The Garden of Eden

At near $50K, joins,,,,,,,, DanaPointRealestate,, GameTruck.Com, and many more of the most memorable people, places and things Frank has sold that are already strong in the hearts and minds  of people.

And don't forget thanks to the drop, Frank is now as well as the largest AAA Prime dotNet portfolio holder on the planet. joins these other sales made this weekend... $3-5K $10-20K (Kauffman) $3-5K

All bringing the April tally, with just two hard closing days to go to....  $5-10K Ian (Kauffman-great one)   (Schaffer) $20-50k (Berkens) $3-5k $5K (to Mr. Dresselhaus) $24K (Bought at It Now!)  (Berkens)  $20k  (Schaffer- LEASE) $10-20k USD  (Berkens) (Kauffman)  $  (Berkens) $ (Schaffer)  $5-10K (borck)  (Berkens) $20-50

As always, check with DNJournal Wednesday afternoon for the most accurate pricing and exclusively reported results.

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6 new gTLDs applications withdrawn for .ONLINE, .LLP, .LTD, .INC, .LLC, and .CORP (total at 51)

This past week 6 more new gTLDs applications were withdrawn and their status was updated at the ICANN New gTLD website. These 6 withdrawn applications bring the total of withdrawn gTLD applications to 51.

Fairwinds Partners’s customers from the US withdrew their applications for the .LLP, .LTD, .INC, .LLC, and .CORP new gTLD strings. The strings received Prioritization Numbers of 221, 312, 348, 714, 941 on the prioritization draw last December.

Following the .ONLINE new gTLD alliance by Directi, Tucows and Namecheap, Tucows TLDs Inc. from CANADA withdrew it’s application for the .ONLINE new gTLD string. The string received a Prioritization Number of 1602 on the prioritization draw last December. The company has 3 more new gTLD applications for .MEDIA, .GROUP and .MARKETING. There are 5 applicants for the .ONLINE new gTLD string. It is possible that the Namecheap or the Directi application for .online will be withdrawn shortly as well.

The applicants that withdraw an application are eligible for a 70% refund of the application fees to ICANN. Each withdrawn application, is entitled to a refund of 70% of the $185,000 application fee that is or $130,000, since these fall “[a]fter posting of applications until posting of Initial Evaluation results,” as described in section 1.5.1 of the Applicant Guidebook.

The new gTLD application withdrawal and refund request process may take between 2-4 weeks to complete.

The other 45 applications that have withdrawn are:

GLEAN (Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.)GMBH (GMBH Registry, LLC)EST (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)KSB (KSB Aktiengesellschaft)HILTON (HLT Stakis IP Limited)CIALIS (Eli Lilly and Company)SWISS (Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.)ANSONS (CBM Creative Brands Marken GmbH)AND (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)CHATR (Rogers Communications Partnership)CAREMORE (WellPoint, Inc.)SKOLKOVO (Fund for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies)ARE (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)THEHARTFORD (Hartford Fire Insurance Company)GMC (General Motors LLC)CADILLAC (General Motors LLC)CHEVROLET (General Motors LLC)TRANSFORMERS (Hasbro International, Inc.)CHARTIS (American International Group, Inc.)HEINZ (ProMark Brands Inc.)KETCHUP (ProMark Brands Inc.)OLYMPUS (Olympus Corporation)HOME (Go Daddy East, LLC)CASA (Go Daddy East, LLC)GLOBALX (GlobalX Information Pty Limited)MED (DocCheck AG)INSURANCE (Progressive Casualty Insurance Company)OVERHEIDNL (Ministery of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)APP (Dot App LLC)GUARDIANMEDIA (Guardian News and Media Limited)GDN (Guardian News and Media Limited)???? (Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited)SVR (SVR GROUP)HEART (The American Heart Association, Inc.)STROKE (The American Heart Association, Inc.)??? (L’Oréal)BUY (PVT Registry, LLC)GUARDIAN (Guardian News and Media Limited)???? (Bridgestone Corporation)MII (MiTek USA, Inc.)MITEK (MiTek USA, Inc.)SAPPHIRE (MiTek USA, Inc.)CONNECTORS (MiTek USA, Inc.)MAIL (1&1 Mail & Media GmbH)BLOOMINGDALES (Macys, Inc.)

About the Author:

Konstantinos Zournas lives in Athens, Greece. He studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK. He does domain name consulting, website development, programming and UDRP consulting. He has been online since 1995 and a domainer since 2002. He is mainly writing about domain names and website development but other things may come up. You can find him at Google+

Konstantinos Zournas – who has written 587 posts on Online Domain.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recent High Dollar Price Quotes on – 4/29/13

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Joel Williams .Tv Domain Names Hit;; Comic.TV & More

About a month ago we told you that around 2,000 domain names owned by Joel Williams/Dream Sellers/In Stealth Mode had been frozen by a state court after certain parties claiming rights in and to those domain names filed for an injunction with a Tennessee Court.

At the time we noted that the parties filing the suit must have had an old list of domain since so many of the domains on the list were no longer owned by Williams including hundreds of domain were unregistered.

Other domains owned by Joel Williams which were not on the list provided by the Plaintiffs are are starting to hit auctions as pending delete domains.

The domain name registrar, was a huge player in the .TV extension.

Actually was catching expired .TV almost with such a high success rate, they were pretty much the only .TV backorder system.

However since was bought by Demand Media, Inc, (DMD) for $18 Million Dollars, all of the expired domains including the .TV domain names seem to be going to on an exclusive basis and they are hitting auctions.

There are a few prime .TV domain names now in auction at which were formerly owned by Williams or one of his companies including,, Pussy.,tv, and which all went into privacy in 2012 only to be dropped for non-renewal in 2013.

Some of these domains sold for a one time fee in the $x,xxx range once they were freed from the .Tv premium program where the annual renewal fees where in the $x,xxx range per year or higher.

Another sad tale in what appears to be a rags to riches to rags story.

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L'Oreal files UDRP Complaint over Elsè Domain Name

L'Oreal has recently filed a UDRP complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the domain name Elsè .  L'Oreal should expect the World Intellectual Property Organization  order the domain name to be transferred,considering the company owns the "Elsève" mark .  The World Intellectual Propoerty Organization will examine if the domain name is confusingly similar to the trademarked name.Moreover,it will examine if the owner of the disputed domain name has rights over it and if the domain is being used in bad faith.Elsè will be passed over to L'Oreal if it falls under all three of these stipulations.  The case is still pending compliance checks with the World Intellectual Property Organization .

.AL Rules Liberalised To Allow Domain Registrations By Foreign Companies

The policies for registering, renewing, deactivating and changing Whois information for .AL domain names is changing as of 1 May and will be performed by registrars authorised by the Albanian Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (AKEP). The new regulation sets 1 May as the date when the accreditation process will begin.

The new administrative procedures will also lead to a decrease in the official fees for registering new and renewing existing domain names.

The changes will also liberalise the registration of .al domains by allowing foreign companies to register domains provided they can prove they do business in their countries. Until now only to Albanian citizens and entities or foreign companies that had their subsidiaries in the Albanian territory could register .al domains.

Before the amendments, foreign companies were not entitled to register the ccTLDs in their own names, even if they successfully challenged the Albanian owners that had registered and/or used a domain name similar to theirs.

The background to the changes comes about from amendments introduced to the Regulation on the Registration and Administration of .al Domain Names and Subdomains on 23 January, 2013 by AKEP, the registry for .al. The amendments outlined administrative procedures and technical requirements for the domain name registration. The amendments will come into force on 1 May, 2013.

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ICANN opens its first hub office in Istanbul,Turkey

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),announced that it will open its first hub office in Istanbul,Turkey .

You can read the press release after the jump :
"ICANN President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé today announced the organization will open its first hub office in Istanbul, Turkey.

The announcement marks a significant moment in the evolution of ICANN as it prepares to spread its operational functions across three global headquarters - Los Angeles (current location), Istanbul and Singapore.

“ICANN is becoming increasingly international in terms of our outlook, policies and the makeup of our staff. Now our global hub strategy will take our internationalism to an improved operational level,” said Chehadé. “These hub offices will become part of the core fabric of ICANN.”
The Istanbul hub office will be led by David Olive, ICANN’s Vice President for Policy Development. A number of current ICANN staff will relocate to Istanbul over the coming months and local staff also will be hired.

“We looked closely at a number of possible global locations,” said Fadi Chehadé. “We chose Istanbul because of the quality of its infrastructure, growing ICT sector, business-friendly environment and its close cultural and geographic proximity to Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.”
“ICANN provides efficient and considered management of the Internet’s Domain Name System, and today marks the latest step in the organization’s journey of extending its global influence,” said Binali Yildirim, Turkey’s Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications. “The ICANN European HUB is being established in Istanbul to act as an epicenter that will help shape Internet policy to deliver a more connected community across Europe, Middle East and Africa.”
ICANN currently is overseeing the implementation of more than 1,400 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), representing one of the biggest changes to the Internet since its inception. The first wave of these domains will come online in the coming months. As a result of this massive expansion of the Domain Name System (DNS), ICANN too is expanding as it continues its mission to ensure a stable, secure and unified global Internet."

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Monday, April 29, 2013

First Quarter 2012 Domain Name Sales vs First Quarter 2013 Domain Name Sales

The total reported domain name sales across all exentions slippeed 3% in the first quarter of 2013 ,when a total of $21,8 in sales million was reported ,from the same quarter a year ago ,when a total of $22,4 million in sales was reported .
If in the first quarter of 2013 the biggest domain sale was for $375,000 and all the six-figure reported domain sales added together came in at $1,83 million,in the same quarter a year ago,th biggest two domain sales added up to a total of $1,85 million .

First Quarter 2013 Domain Name Sales $375,000 $300,000 $221,100 $165,000 $160,000 $125,000 $117,000 $115,000 $112,651 $91,210
11. $85,000 $78,600 $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 $74,400 $69,000 $69,000 $60,000 $60,000

First Quarter 2012 Domain Name Sales : $1,000,000 $875,000 $250,000 $225,000 $189,930 $185,000 $175,500 $160,000 $150,000 $148,000 $145,000 $127,400 $125,000 $125,000 $120,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $90,000 $87,500

Uniregistry, TLDH Partner To Run .country

Uniregistry & TLDH will take equal equity in joint venture to run .country

The two applicants for the top level domain name .country have entered into an agreement to partner, rather than fight, over .country.  Top Level Domain Holdings issued a press release this morning announcing the deal between its company and Frank Schilling’s company, Uniregistry.  This is the first publicly announced agreement that will resolve a contention set, as no other companies applied for .country.  Under the terms of the deal, both companies will get a 50% stake in a new company to which the .country contract with ICANN will be transferred.  Both TLDH and Uniregistry representatives have said they won’t participate in private auctions, one of the ways to resolve a contention set prior to an ICANN auction, due to concerns about antitrust violations.

Tim Moffitt's InTouchNC owns House, Senate domain names

Tim Moffitt company InTouchNC owns House, Senate domain names

Tim Moffitt, R-Buncombe, says he simply employed some of that business acumen in his latest venture: securing the domain names for all 170 state House and Senate districts and selling website, Twitter and Facebook services to his fellow lawmakers. Moffitt said about 40 legislators, all Republicans, have signed up with InTouchNC.

Fees range from $250-$1,000 a month for the service, depending on the extent of personal information and customizing they need.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Philadelphia 76ers Buy For New D-League Franchise

Philadelphia 76ers buy from Warren Royal for new D-League franchise

The Philadelphia 76ers NBA team announced that it acquired the operating rights for a team in the National Basketball Association Development League.  The team will play in Delaware and be called the Delaware 87ers. Their nickname will be the "Sevens".  How long have the 76ers been working on acquiring the rights to this D-league team?  Well, on November 26, 2012 they registered the domain  They then worked to acquire the nickname as a .com. Sometime between December 12, 2012 and January 3, 2013, the team bought the domain.

Albania Improves Domain Name Procedures and Purchase Requirements

As of May 1, all procedures such as new registrations, renewals, deactivations and data changes, will be performed by one of the registrars authorized by the Albanian Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (AKEP). The regulation sets May 1 as the date when the accreditation process will begin.

The new administrative procedures will lead to a decrease in the official fees for the registration of new and the renewal of existing domain names.

Most importantly, the changes aim to liberalize the purchase of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) under the .al zone, by granting this right to foreign companies, provided that they can prove that they do business in their countries. Until now, this right belonged only to Albanian citizens and entities or foreign companies that had their subsidiaries in the Albanian territory.

On January 23, 2013, the (AKEP), the central registrar of the Albanian .al domain and subdomain names, introduced amendments to the Regulation on the Registration and Administration of .al Domain Names and Subdomains, outlining administrative procedures and technical requirements for the domain name registration. The amendments will enter into force on May 1, 2013.

Before the amendments, foreign companies were not entitled to register the ccTLDs in their own names, even if they successfully challenged the Albanian owners that had registered and/or used a domain name similar to theirs.

Australian Christian Lobby Domains Registered by Australian Cat Ladies

Australian Christian Lobby Domains Registered by Australian Cat Ladies

Australian Cat Ladies Register Australian Christian Lobby Domain
Right-wing lobbyist group the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) undoubtedly isn’t thrilled that the domain name has been registered by Australian Cat Ladies, a group which shares the same initials but vocally supports marriage equality, a cause the Christian ACL has repeatedly argued against. I’m very willing to enjoy any embarrassment heaped on the narrow-minded bigots at the Christian ACL, but the situation doesn’t demonstrate that all organizations need to register every possible URL associated with their cause.

Advising businesses to register URL variations of their name is a commonplace, often couched in terms of trademark protection. However, it’s not a cost-free business. While .org and .com domain names are relatively cheap, the same isn’t true of country domains.

The value of multiple domains is questionable in a world where the most common search terms include common sites. For many people, the domain name simply isn’t something that registers. In that scenario, registering minor variants seems like a pointless waste of time.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Philadelphia Inquirer Wants All Domains With “Philly”

Philadelphia Inquirer loses dispute over domain name that includes "Philly".

The Philadelphia Inquirer, and its parent company apparently think they own the term “Philly”.
True, the newspaper’s home on the web is But anyone who has ever eaten a Philly cheesesteak knows that it’s a common nickname for the city.

It's a little surprising that the Philadelphia Inquirer decided to go after a local news site,, claiming that it was cybersquatting on its trademark for

Philadelphia Media Network filed a cybersquatting complaint against and lost hands down. The arbitration panel didn’t find that the paper had tried reverse domain name hijacking, but it certainly doesn’t look good.  The respondent a federally registered trademark for, although the paper is also challenging that.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Domain Wars: Amazon vs The Amazon

The Brazil and Peru governments say company should not profit from a domain address that refers to one of the most important geographical areas in the world.

Domain Name Wars: Amazon vs The Amazon
When you see the word "Amazon", what's the first thing that springs to mind – the world's biggest forest, the longest river or the largest internet retailer – and which do you consider most important?

These questions have risen to the fore in an arcane, but hugely important, debate about how to redraw the boundaries of the internet. Brazil and Peru have lodged objections to a bid made by the US e-commerce giant for a prime new piece of cyberspace: ".amazon".

The Seattle-based company has applied for its brand to be a top-level domain name (currently .com), but the South American governments argue this would prevent the use of this internet address for environmental protection, the promotion of indigenous rights and other public interest uses.  Read more...

Verisign Adds 1.99 Million Domains In 1rst Quarter

 .COM Registry Verisign Adds 1.99 Million Domains

Verisign Registers 1.99 Million New Domains
Verisign, the .COM registry added a combined 1.99 million domain names in .com and .net. This increased the total to 123.1 million active domain names and .net domains — a 5.5 percent increase year over year. This is an increase over Q4 2012 when it added only 1.25 million names.  In the 1rst Quarter of 2012 it added 2.86 million domains to it's inventory.

Verisign registered 8.8 million new domains in the quarter, down from 8.9 million in the same quarter last year but up from 8.0 million in Q4.  They reported $236 million revenue for the quarter, which is up 15% from the same quarter last year. GAAP net income was $85 million for the quarter.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chemist Direct Purchases For $5,300

Online Drugstore Buys

Online drugstore Chemist Direct bought for just $5,300.

Chamber Solutions Purchases

Chamber Solutions Buys For Only $800

Chamber Solutions, which provides services to Chambers of Commerce, bought for $800

Legal Software Company Buys Domain Name

CSH Business Software Buys Legal Domain

CSH Business Software, which offers legal software,  bought for $1,788.

Sparkflow buys for Small Business Manager dashboard

Sparkflow Buys

Sparkflow, which offers a business dashboard called Small Business Manager, bought for $1,500.

New Orleans Technology Purchases

New Orleans Technology Services has purchased

New Orleans Technology Services has purchased for $5,000 and put up a site about the famed community organization that shut down in 2010.

.Org Domains

Genentech Buys Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Domain Name

Genentech Purchases for Age Related Macular Degeneration

Biotech company Genentech purchased for $1,299.  AMD stands for Age-Related Macular Degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss for the elderly.

Foresee the customer experience analytics company buys

Foresee purchased the domain

Foresee the "Customer experience analytics" company purchased for $2,000.

TeacherGeek Scores Big With

TeacherGeek Purchases Domain

Education company TeacherGeek bought for only $770. TeacherGeek got a great domain for an amazing price. Purchases Domain buys purchased the much shorter for $2,495.

FAB Startpoint buys the domain

FAB Startpoint buys at a bargain price 

FAB Startpoint bought the domain name of one of its product brands,, for only $1,500. Purchases For It's Domain Portfolio Adds To It's Domain Portfolio

Flash sales site bought for $1,999.

Pair Networks Purchases

Pair Networks Buys

Pair Networks bought another valuable domain on the aftermarket. It paid $1,000 for

Building Supplies Online in the UK buys

UK Company Building Supplies Online Buys

Building Supplies Online in the UK bought its acronym for 2,499 GBP.

SearEnergy Offshore Holding GmbH Buys

SearEnergy Offshore Holding GmbH Purchases at Auction

SearEnergy Offshore Holding GmbH owns and just bought for $2,595.

USA Today Buys Domain For New Sports Site

USA Today Sports Media Group Buys

USA Today Sports Media Group bought for $2,999 for its new sports site.  This week USA Today launched its new sports site For The Win!, which officially resides at But they bought the short URL to forward to it.  It does not own or

Hilco Auctioning and,, and to be auctioned
Hilco Streambank has announced that it will auction off a number of domain names, including, next month through its online auction platform.  Hilco is known for auctioning of domain names related to defunct brands, but isn’t such a distressed asset.

The domain is owned by FYI Direct, the consumer credit company behind It has been marketed for sale previously by Sedo and Moniker without much success.  The reserve for in a Moniker auction last year was over $750,000.  The domain has been used for a number of purposes over the years, including to market foreclosures and for local deals.  Hilco is also auctioning the domains, and  In May they will be auctioning and 

14.3 Million .DE Domains Registered in Germany

Denic claims 14.3 mln .de domains registered in Germany

There are 14.3 million domains in 402 German towns and districts, according to the regional domain statistics 2012 report from .de domain registry Denic. Adding to these numbers are more than 860,000 domains of holders whose place of residence is abroad. In total, about 15.3 million .de domains were registered at end-2012. The year-on-year total domain growth rate for 2011/2012 was 3.7 percent compared to 5.0 percent in 2010/2011. This is an increase of about 543,000 domains (previous year: 702,000.

Register .DE Domains Here

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - $15,000 in Sedo's GreatDomains Auction hits $15,000 in Sedo's GreatDomains Auction

Sedo is hosting these days its monthly GreatDomains auction that runs until April 25,2013.The auction features 136 domain names, out of which 55 already received bids.  There are lots of opening bids on domain names in the auction. attracted the highest bid so far - $15,000.However,it did not met its reserve. also managed to attract a lot of interest and received 13 bids, with the highest bid of 2,002 EUR.  However, it did not met its reserve of 100,000 - 249,999 EUR.

Russian Internet Governance Forum Opens in Moscow on April 25,2013

The Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ announced that it is hosting this year's Russian Internet Governance Forum,to be held on April 25,2013 at Moscow's Marriott Grand Hotel .
The questions to be discussed at this year's forum include :
  • Cybersecurity
  • Legal aspects of the global netword
  • New TLDs
  • Changes in the global domain name landscape
The agenda includes the following set of roundtables :

"Transborder or no borders: Internet and its legal aspects", "Creating a playground in the Internet", "Cybersecurity: evasive virtuality", "e-Government: handiness made possible", "Prospects of the Internet governance system", and "Domain industry economy". These topical questions are to be discussed by a number of leading experts from Russia and abroad, representatives of the international intergovernmental organizations, as well as those of Russian government and industrial structures.

These include:

Ruslan Gattarov (Federation Council of the RF), Wim Degezelle (CENTR, Belgium), John Carr (UKCCIS, Great Britain), Janis Karklins (UNESCO, Latvia), Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (Orhus University, Germany), Konstantinos Komaitis (ISOC, Switzerland), Ilya Massukh (Information Democracy Foundation), Jeff Moss (ICANN, USA), Alena Popova (Open Projects Foundation), Galina Soldatova (Internet Development Foundation), Barbara-Chiara Ubaldi (OECD, Italy), Bertrand de la Chapelle (International Diplomatic Academy, France) and many others.

For more details check out CCTLD.RU .

Application for .GREEN Passes ICANN's Initial Evaluation

.GREEN Passes ICANN's Initial Evaluation

DotGreen Community,Inc. announced recently that the application for .GREEN Top-Level Domain (TLD) passed ICANN's initial evaluation on April 19,2013 .

You can read the press release after the jump :

"DotGreen Community, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) completed the initial evaluation of DotGreen’s sustainability focused .green Top-Level Domain (TLD) application. Approval came on Friday, April 19, 2013 as part of the ICANN New TLD program.

Passing ICANN’s initial evaluation is a major milestone toward bringing .green website addresses online. The news comes on the heels of the ICANN 46 international meetings where DotGreen, longtime advocate for the green community, remains a valuable and equal stakeholder of the Internet. Four members of the DotGreen team were present among a record-breaking number of international stakeholders and delegates who gathered to discuss governance, policies and the future of the Internet name space.

“This is great news for DotGreen Community, Inc.,” said Annalisa Roger, Founder and CEO. "So soon after returning from a significant week of engagement at ICANN Beijing, our green friends and new partners in China are excited to share in this achievement with us and the global green community.”

Out of almost 2,000 applications, 200 have passed ICANN’s initial evaluation at this time. ICANN is responsible for vetting all new TLD applications; the important initial evaluation step is determined by the guidelines of the New TLD Applicant Guidebook.

“Passing the evaluation demonstrates our ability to run an operationally sound, safe and secure TLD,” said Tim Switzer, COO/CFO. “This is a significant step for bringing green online, and puts us one step closer to the reality of seeing the contribution .green will make to the global sustainability movement.”

Passing with a high score indicates that DotGreen passed financial requirements and presented reliable technical operations for the new .green TLD and is ready to become a part of the global Internet infrastructure. Neustar, DotGreen’s technical services provider, was recently selected by ICANN as one of three Emergency Back-End Registry Operators for the entire TLD program.
The .green TLD will be the “green” online space for companies, associations, governmental organizations, nonprofits/NGOs, and individuals aligned with the shared values and practices of the green movement. New .green websites will collectively boost awareness, education and the worldwide shift toward sustainability. Because part of the purchase of every .green domain name will contribute to the support of programs and projects aimed at sustainability in all regions of the world, the success of .green will directly benefit those who use it. DotGreen Community, Inc. has partnerships with the DotGreen Foundation, a Public Benefit Charity, and EarthShare, a U.S.-based non-profit federation of more than 500 of the world’s leading environmental organizations.
“DotGreen is thankful for the continued support of global citizens and the green community, including environmental and humanitarian organizations worldwide, and the many stakeholders of the Internet industry who have supported this important public interest project,” said Roger.
Given the ICANN New TLD timeline, it is expected that .green domain names will be available to the public during a global Internet launch in the first quarter of 2014.

ABOUT THE DOTGREEN COMMUNITY, INC: DotGreen Community Inc. (DGC) was incorporated in February 2011 for the sole purpose of bringing the new .green Top Level Domain, a Public Interest TLD for people and planet, to the Internet for the advancement of the world’s shift to sustainable development. DGC is located in Greenbrae, in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a professional staff dedicated to bringing together the global green movement with the technologies, social benefits, and intrinsic values of the Internet. For more information about .green, please go to

ABOUT THE DOTGREEN FOUNDATION: Founded in 2007, the DotGreen Foundation is a California Not-for-profit Public Benefit Charity with US 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. Located in Greenbrae, California, the DotGreen Foundation focuses on education and supporting global solutions and innovations aimed at sustainability for people and our planet. For more information, please go to

ABOUT EARTHSHARE: Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, EarthShare has raised $300 million for more than 500 global, national and local member charities since its inception in 1988. For 25 years, EarthShare has connected hundreds of thousands of individuals, companies and public agencies with environmental and conservation groups through employee engagement and giving campaigns at workplaces across the United States. For more information, please visit or contact info(at)earthshare(dot)org."

DomainSkate Provides UDRP Service For $399

DomainSkate's affordable service prepares UDRP filing for submission to National Arbitration Forum.

DomainSkate UDRP Service
The biggest cost of filing or responding to a UDRP isn’t paying fees to National Arbitration Forum or WIPO. It’s typically the lawyer’s fees that add up to the most.

DomainSkate aims to change that by offering a low cost way to compile the necessary information and create an actual UDRP filing that may be filed at National Arbitration Forum.

The cost: just $399.

Essentially, DomainSkate walks you through a series of questions regarding your claim and then creates a form complaint and declaration. Think of it as similar to using TurboTax, except that you’re being asked for statements rather than numbers (which is a big difference, frankly).

I just went through the questionnaire, which seems to hit on all of the hot topics you’ll see in a UDRP (the domain was used for a parked page, it was registered after I got my trademark, etc.).

Once you complete the questionnaire, a non-attorney staff member will review it for completeness and provide you with your complaint within a day. You can then bring the complaint to an attorney. Or for $600 more, a lawyer will review your dispute.

A templated approach to UDRP filings is nothing new. After all, UDRP lawyers on both sides of the table have templates they use when formulating complaints and responses. But it’s the legal review portion that’s most important. When you start using templates without a reasonable review, the results can be damaging.

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Moniker and SnapNames Announce Premium Spring Domain Name Auction

Online Bidding is Now Open Featuring Top E-Commerce Domains Including,,,,,,,,,, and More!

Moniker® and SnapNames®, both KeyDrive S. A. companies and leading providers of domain name solutions, today announced their Premium Spring Auction. The online auction showcases some of the most sought after domains on the market and provides businesses, including start-ups and established companies, access to domain names for long term, strategic growth initiatives.

The premium auction event features hand-selected domains across popular business categories and will include starting bid prices ranging from Low & No Reserve to Premium price points. Past events have produced such notable sales such as,,,,,,, and many more.

Additional information including links to the auction can be found at:

Featured domains include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more.
"We strongly believe a premium domain name is the foundation for growth on the internet today. From e-commerce sites to brick and mortar establishments seeking an online presence, a premium domain provides tangible benefits unlike that of traditional customer acquisition methods," said Craig Snyder, CEO of Moniker and SnapNames. "The SnapNames auction platform and our world-class brokerage team connect established businesses and early stage start-ups with assets that drive go-to-market strategies and create launch pads for products and solutions. Making that process globally accessible has been the driving force for our success and this auction is no exception."

Key Dates:
Auction Start: April 11, 2013 at Noon US Eastern Time
Auction End: May 9, 2013 at 3:15 pm US Eastern Time

To speak directly to a domain name sales specialist regarding domains for sale and bidding options please contact us by email or phone - Email: auction[@]; Phone: Toll free in the U.S. and Canada 866-690-6279-Option 3; Outside the U.S. and Canada 503-241-8547-Option 3.

To participate in the auction an active SnapNames account is required. To set-up a new account please go to:
For more details visit:

About Moniker and SnapNames

Moniker® and SnapNames®, both KeyDrive S.A. companies, offer registries, registrars, businesses and individuals an array of services for domain registration management, acquisition, brokerage and sales. Moniker introduced the live domain name auction concept and is a top worldwide registrar. SnapNames pioneered and operates the largest online auction of registered, expired and deleting domains, giving its customers access to the world's best selection and most valuable names every day.

For more information visit and

Media Contacts
Michele Van Tilborg
CMO, Moniker & SnapNames


Release of New Top-Level Domains and How it Will Affect Company Trademarks

How Release of New Top-Level Domains Can Affect Trademarks

In June 2011, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") approved the launch of the new generic top-level domain ("gTLD") program that allows for the expansion of gTLDs outside the 22 gTLDs that currently exist (e.g., .com, .net, and .org.). Over the next year, the first 1,200 new gTLDs will be introduced. These gTLDs include suffixes related to specific well-known brands such as .amex, .ford and .microsoft, and generic suffixes such as .store, .cloud and .software.   

With the launch of the new gTLDs, brand owners should carefully consider the possibility that parties may register new second-level domains ("SLD") that infringe brand owners' existing trademarks and negatively impact brand equity. An SLD is the term before the "dot" in a web address. For example, "LeClairRyan" is the SLD in As a result of the new gTLDs, a third party may register a well-known trademark immediately before one of the new suffixes even if the party does not own exclusive trademark rights in that mark (e.g., and apple.tablets).

In an effort to enable brand owners to protect their trademarks, prior to and during the launch of new gTLDs, ICANN has launched a Clearinghouse that serves as a centralized repository of trademarks over which parties assert proprietary trademark rights. Brand owners may proactively protect their trademarks by registering the marks with ICANN's Trademark Clearinghouse, which launched on March 26, 2013. The annual cost of depositing a trademark into the Clearinghouse is $150.00, with discounts for volume registrations.

How the Trademark Clearinghouse Works

The Clearinghouse is critical in supporting Sunrise and Trademark Claims services, which will accompany the launch of each new gTLD. These services are critical mechanisms designed to give brand owners an edge in protecting their trademarks.

Each gTLD registry must offer a 30-day Sunrise Period prior to opening the general registration period for new SLDs. During the Sunrise Period, trademark owners who have registered trademarks in the Clearinghouse will be given an advance opportunity to register new SLDs that correspond to the trademarks they have registered in the Clearinghouse.

The general public may seek to register new SLDs when the Sunrise Period expires. Trademark owners who have registered trademarks in the Clearinghouse will be given advance notification during a 90-day Trademark Claims period if a third party attempts to register a SLD that is identical to its trademark. The registry also notifies the domain applicant of the possibility that they are registering a domain that infringes a trademark. If the notified party registers the domain name, the Trademark Clearinghouse will send a notice to trademark owners with matching records in the Clearinghouse, informing them that someone has registered the domain name. The trademark owner can decide whether to contest the domain registration in a domain dispute proceeding.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fortune 100 companies have domains will expire this year

15 Fortune 100 companies have domains will expire this year

The domain for American Express expires in about six weeks. Here is a list of companies that have domains in danger of expiring soon.

Regions Bank, part of a Fortune 500 company, let it's domain expire over the weekend. As a result, thousands of customers were unable to conduct online banking transactions.

Generally, when a domain expires and is taken offline, that also means emails to and from employees won’t be delivered as well.

In other words: letting your domain expire is a big screw up.

I just ran a check on the 2012 Fortune 100 list to see now many of them have their key domain name expiring in 2013. 156 companies have domains set to expire, and some as early as six weeks from now.

The good news is that almost all of these companies use a brand protection registrar such as CSC or MarkMonitor. Presumably, these registrars have safeguards in place to auto-renew key domains. I also doubt they take a domain offline the moment it expires.(New rules that go into effect August 31 will require registrars to cause a DNS interruption at some point in the expiration/deletion process.) Big brands should make sure they never have a key domain expiring within 12 months. Here’s the full list:

American Express 6/3/2013

Ingram Micro 6/26/2013

Lowe’s 6/28/2013

Coca-Cola 7/6/2013

New York Life Insurance 7/10/2013

Goldman Sachs Group 7/25/2013

Berkshire Hathaway 9/5/2013

Lockheed Martin 10/11/2013

Johnson & Johnson 10/31/2013

MetLife 11/13/2013

Delta Air Lines 11/22/2013

FedEx 11/29/2013

United Continental Holdings 12/16/2013

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group 12/16/2013

Bank of America Corp. 12/27/2013

Cardinal Healthcare’s domain expires in October.

Renew your domains at Roadrunner Domains Is Launched By Salesforce launched a little over 2 years after being purchased by Salesforce Is Launched By Salesforce
Last week Salesforce started fowarding its domain to one of its sites, but today it formerly announced its new service. offers services to advertise on Facebook and Twitter more effectively. It automates how companies find potential customers and market to them via social media.

Moniker brokered the sale of in 2011 for $2.6 million.Salesforce has been one of the biggest buyers of premium domains from Moniker auctions in recent years: it has also purchased and for $4.5 million. is the new name for Rypple, which Salesforce bought in 2011. encompasses the service formerly known as

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Warner Bros. Registers Several Mad Max Game Domains

The domains,, and have all been registered by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The existence of a Mad Max project has been known since March 2008 when it was revealed God of War II director Cory Barlog had partnered with Mad Max writer/director George Miller for a game based on the upcoming Mad Max film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

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.An Domains To Be Removed by October 2014

.An Domains To Be Removed

.An Domains To Be Removed by October 2014
According to, the .An registry is being phased out with the the .An ccTLD being removed from the root server by October 2014.

Here is the announcement:

""The University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA), the administrator of .AN domains, will start the removal of .AN domain names from their databases and systems on October 31, 2013."

"Exactly one year later, on October 31, 2014, .AN will be excluded from the DNS root server."
.AN is the ccTLD of the former Netherlands Antilles which have been dissolved in 2010 into the two new, autonomous countries Curacao and St. Maarten.  The operation of the .AN TLD, that exists since 1993, is being phased down.  The UNA advises to move .AN domain names to the .CW Zone. .CW is the ccTLD of Curaçao.

Register Domains At Roadrunner Domains

More Than 252 Million Internet Domain Names Registered In 2012

Internet domain names exceed the 252 million mark in 2012

252 Million Domain Names Registered In 2012
VeriSign, the global leader in domain names, has said more than six million domain names were added to the internet in the fourth quarter of 2012, bringing the total number of registered domain names to more than 252 million worldwide across all top-level domains (TLDs) on December 31, 2012.

Verisign said the increase of 6.1 million domain names globally equates to a growth rate of 2.5% over the third quarter of 2012, and marks the eighth straight quarter with greater than 2% growth. Worldwide registrations have grown by 26.6 million, or 11.8%, year over year.

The .com and .net TLDs experienced aggregate growth in the fourth quarter of 2012, reaching a combined total of approximately 121.1 million domain names in the adjusted zone for .com and .net. This represents a 6.4% increase year over year. As of December 31, 2012, the base of registered names in .com equaled 106.2 million names, while .net equaled 14.9 million names.

New .com and .net registrations totalled 8 million during the fourth quarter of 2012. In the fourth quarter of 2011, new .com and .net registrations totaled 7.9 million. The .com and .net renewal rate for the fourth quarter of 2012 was 72.9%, up slightly from 72.5% for the third quarter of 2012.
During the fourth quarter of 2012, Verisign's average daily Domain Name System (DNS) query load was 77 billion, across all TLDs operated by Verisign, with a peak of 123 billion. Compared to the previous quarter, the daily average increased 16% and the peak increased 20.4 percent. Year over year, the daily average increased 21.5% and the peak increased 5.3%.

The latest issue of publication Domain Name Industry Brief offers a high-level overview of the challenges and opportunities that Big Data presents companies of all sizes. "Big Data Can Pose Big Challenges, and Opportunities, for Organizations" also includes a synopsis of the data generated within the DNS, and how companies could use this data to inform business strategy and possibly improve network security.

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.PW Exceeds 50,000 Domain Registrations In 3 Weeks

.PW - Professional Web
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The .PW Registry today announced that more than 50,000 .PW domain names were registered in just 3 weeks since the beginning of its General Availability phase.

.PW, launched as "the Professional Web", was available for General registrations from March 25, 2013 with a strong distribution channel of 120+ ICANN Registrars including Network Solutions,, Tucows,, eNom, Xinnet & Namecheap. The registry saw more than 4,000 .pw domain registrations within 30 minutes of its launch, making it the most successful TLD launch post .XXX.

"Our goal was 100,000 names for the first year. Considering that no competing extension had come anywhere close to achieving 100,000 names in the first year, it was a goal that most considered ambitious. The feeling of achieving 50% of the goal within the first three weeks is surreal. The team put together and executed a brilliant marketing plan. We are eagerly looking forward to leveraging this experience for our new gTLDs", said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, .PW Registry & Radix Registry.

.PW also bagged some respectable premium name deals with two single character names going for $8,000 each. The company now intends to release all its reserved premium names through BIN sales at BuyDomains and themed auctions at NameJet.

About .PW – the Professional Web:
.PW – the Professional Web, is a TLD that has been opened globally to create a dedicated namespace for professionals to set up an online presence, with a first choice domain name at an affordable price point. PW is now available for general registrations.

Biggest Domain Registrar Phishing Attack Ever Happening Soon

The biggest domain registrar phishing attack ever will be happening soon ...because of the new RAA that satisfies boneheaded law enforcement requests and it will lead to more domain theft.

The proposed new registration accreditation agreement satisfies a law enforcement requirement of verifying whois information when someone registers a domain name.

The requirements can easily be satisfied by people who want to register domains for nefarious purposes. In fact, they’re downright stupid. But more troubling is that it will lead to more phishing of domain registrar accounts than we’ve ever seen before.

Here’s the deal. When you register or transfer a domain, the domain registrar must verify either your email address or phone number within 15 days.

Since phone verification is more costly, most registrars will opt for email verification and use phone verification as a failover.

You’ve seen this type of email verification when you’ve signed up for accounts with just about any service:

"Check your email for a confirmation message. Then click the link in the email message to verify your email address".

So now when you register a domain you’ll get an email from your domain registrar to do just this. It will come with a stern warning, such as "failure to click the link in the email or login to your account with this special verification code may result in suspension or termination of your domain registration!"

This is a gift to phishers. They’ve successfully duped thousands of people into giving up their registrar account passwords by scaring them with messages such as "Must you confirm your account!!" and "You account suspended soon if no login soonly!"

Now they’ll be able to grab a list of yesterday’s domain registrations and phish away by copying the same email registrars actually send out when a new registration is made. It will be like fishing in one of those heavily stocked tourist ponds. It will almost be too easy.

Internet Giant TenCent Domain Dispute Mishap

TenCent bumbles case for UDRP submission.

Internet Giant TenCent Domain Dispute
 It’s possible you’ve never heard of TenCent. I hadn’t heard of it until reading The Economist’s recent spread on the internet in China.

But it’s big in China. Huge. With a market cap of $60 billion (U.S.), it’s right up there with Facebook in terms of valuation.

Yet TenCent Holdings failed to win the domain name in a UDRP, despite the domain holder not responding to the complaint.

TenCent successfully convinced the World Intellectual Property Organization panel that the domain was similar to its trademark and that the domain owner had no rights or legitimate interests in the domain. But it bumbled its case for the domain being registered and used in bad faith. This is despite the respondent having allegedly registered other domains similar to TenCent’s marks.

The company made plenty of assertions but failed to attach the necessary evidence. It also relied on marks registered after the domain was registered and failed to provide basic evidence to show its prior common law rights to the marks.

This is the third case filed by TenCent (all of which have been decided since January). It won the first two, but dropped the ball on this one.

AP Twitter Account Hacked - False Posts About White House Scare

AP Twitter Account Hacked - False Posts About White House Scare - Following a hack attack by an unknown perpetrator, the Associated Press' verified Twitter account posted "an erroneous tweet" claiming that two explosions occurred in the White House and that President Barack Obama is injured. Moments later, the @AP Twitter account — with nearly 2 million followers — was suspended.