Friday, July 26, 2013 Domain Name is up For Sale , a premium brokerage company,announced recently the availability of key pet services domain name

", a premium domain brokerage firm, announces the availability of key pet services domain name

The pet product industry is a booming industry with annual spending in the U.S. markets that reach into the billions of dollars ($53.33 billion in 2013 for pet products with $4.16 billion of that coming from pet services). Traditionally a recession-resistant industry, the growth of the pet products industry has largely been driven by large, multi-store, physical location-based chains like Pet Smart, Pet Value and Petco. Many newer companies, like Canada’s Pet Value and Global Pet Foods, have been expanding at healthy paces as well. Pet Smart’s founder Jim Doughert also has a new brand with Pet Sense and has opened over 40 of his new stores in the past five years alone.

In addition to the many top tier brick-and-mortar pet stores where you can take your dog to be groomed or boarded, there is a keen rise in mobile grooming services . There are several franchise opportunities available with companies like Aussie Pet Mobile and Wag’n Tails, and many local entrepreneurs are jumping into the business.

The phrase “pet grooming” generates 673,000 global searches per month in Google Search alone, with over twelve thousand of those being exact match searches. The keywords contained in the domain name are the most common keywords that a potential customer might use in an online search engine to look for these services and can potentially help customers find the website of anyone utilizing this exact match domain name. The strength of these keywords can also help instill confidence that a new brand is of high quality and can help build much needed trust for making a first time purchase of services. This makes an invaluable brand and a great lead generation tool for any company looking to break into the pet services industry or obtain the specific leads for their pet products business as pertains to a services division.

Ernest C. Seymour III, the president of says, "America loves pets. Over 46% of households own at least one dog, and we love to take good care of our loved ones. Pet grooming boutiques and mobile services are in high demand and internet sales continue to climb...all of which contribute to make a very smart and safe investment in the online space." is available exclusively through Super Niche for $200,000. For more information on or to make an offer, please visit


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