Saturday, July 27, 2013

WordPress Adds .CO Domain Names as Custom Option for Bloggers

Automattic,the company behind ,announced that it as added .CO domains to its limited number of TLDs available for fully hosted websites .

.CO became this way the fifth TLD option for hosted websites and now people who want to have their websites hosted on can select from .COM , .NET , .ORG , .ME and .CO .

"Automattic, the company behind, announced today that it has added .CO as a custom domain name option for fully hosted sites. .CO will be joining .com, .org, .net and .me as one of only five custom domain options available through is the world’s most popular web publishing and hosting platform, making it easy for people to publish content online.  There are currently over 33 million websites and blogs in over 120 languages around the world powered by, including the sites of many of the most well-recognized web publishers, like CNN, TechCrunch and TED.

Now people can register custom .CO web addresses for their businesses, brands or blogs directly on “Short, memorable and easy to share, .CO has become one of the most popular web addresses among developers, bloggers, innovators and entrepreneurs,” said Raanan Bar-Cohen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Services, Automattic. “By partnering with .CO, we hope that will inspire even more people to launch more businesses, unleash more ideas, share more content -- and to build the future online.”

“ customers already get the world’s most incredible content management system, with web hosting, security and analytics built right in – all without having to deal with web servers, complex configurations or coding," said Nicolai Bezsonoff, COO of .CO, “the custom .CO domain option is the icing on the cake!”

If you want to get a custom .CO domain for a new site, please visit If you want to add a .CO domain to an existing site, you can follow these simple instructions to get started."


Google Reveals ChromeCast,Without Owning Domain Name

Google has just announced their new product today,called Chrome Cast,without owning domain .Chrome Cast will allow users to stream videos from a tablet of phone to their TV using Chrome.

Just like Microsoft did in the case of XboxOne,Google did not secure the domain name domain before announcing the release of their new product.

According to whois records, is owned by a media design and IT consulting company out of Edmonston,Canada .However,Google took the time to register .According to whois records , was registered on July 18th,2013 and it is not yet resolving .


Sedo Reports $1.2 Million in Domain Sales! Topped Sedo's weekly sales list at $35,000 topped Sedo's weekly sales chart at $35,000 .Highlights also include,leading the ccTLD category at 17,650 EUR and,leading the "Other" category at $14,500 .

Other notable domain name sales include :

.COM 18,000 USD 15,000   USD 12,000   USD 9,500   USD 8,000   USD 7,500   USD 7,000   USD 6,500   USD 6,000   EUR 6,000   USD 5,500   USD 5,500   USD 5,000   USD 5,000   EUR 5,000   USD 4,950   EUR 4,950   USD 4,500   USD 4,500   EUR 4,433   USD 4,000   USD 4,000   USD 3,800   EUR 3,567   USD 3,500   USD

ccTLD 17,650 EUR

beauté.fr 17,650   EUR 13,000   EUR 6,500   USD 5,100   USD 4,900   EUR 4,000   EUR 3,600   GBP 3,500   EUR 3,250   USD 3,000   EUR 2,838   EUR

bü 2,500   EUR 2,200   EUR 2,100   GBP 2,000   USD 2,000   EUR 1,999   USD 1,800   USD 1,785   EUR 1,785   EUR 1,750   EUR 1,750   EUR 1,750   USD 1,750   EUR

Other 6,500 USD 5,860   EUR 4,544   USD 4,000   EUR 3,500   USD 3,000   EUR 2,750   USD 2,000   EUR 1,750   USD 1,600   USD 1,600   USD 1,550   USD 1,500   USD 1,500   EUR

For more information,check out here . Wins Weekly Sales List at $135,000 domain name sold for $135,000,topped Domain Name Journal weekly sales list of reported domain names for the week ending Sunday,July 24,2013. 

There was only one six figure domain name sale : for $135,000 .

Sedo had a great week in the sales chart,taking 11 of the top 20 positions .Correspondingly,Afternic took seven of the top 20 positions .

.COM dominated once again the list,with 16 of the top 20 positions.

Here are the top 20 positions for the week ending  July 24,2013 : $135,000 $46,200 $32,000

4.tie $23,298

4.tie Beauté. fr (IDN) $23,298 $18,500 $18,000 $17,160 $15,000 $14,500 Sedo $13,500 $12,000 $9,900

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

14.tie $9,500

18.tie $8,000

18.tie $8,000 $7,920


Friday, July 26, 2013

Three-Day-Old Royal Baby was Named ! Domain Names Registered in Seconds

Just after the Royal House announced that the Royal Baby has been named George Alexander Louis,people started registering domain names related to his name . was registered not long after CNN reported that the Royal Baby has been named George Alexander Louis .According to whois records,the domain name was registere by Luc-Andre Biggs .The domain name is already parked at . was also registered within seconds the news was reported .According to whois records,the domain name was registered by Jonathan Moore of the UK .Moreover,Jonathan Moore also registered .

Other examples include : - Registered under privacy,according to whois records - Registered by Tyras Kids Public Relations - Registered by,according to whois records - Registered by Dominic Forth out of Tampa Domain Name is up For Sale , a premium brokerage company,announced recently the availability of key pet services domain name

", a premium domain brokerage firm, announces the availability of key pet services domain name

The pet product industry is a booming industry with annual spending in the U.S. markets that reach into the billions of dollars ($53.33 billion in 2013 for pet products with $4.16 billion of that coming from pet services). Traditionally a recession-resistant industry, the growth of the pet products industry has largely been driven by large, multi-store, physical location-based chains like Pet Smart, Pet Value and Petco. Many newer companies, like Canada’s Pet Value and Global Pet Foods, have been expanding at healthy paces as well. Pet Smart’s founder Jim Doughert also has a new brand with Pet Sense and has opened over 40 of his new stores in the past five years alone.

In addition to the many top tier brick-and-mortar pet stores where you can take your dog to be groomed or boarded, there is a keen rise in mobile grooming services . There are several franchise opportunities available with companies like Aussie Pet Mobile and Wag’n Tails, and many local entrepreneurs are jumping into the business.

The phrase “pet grooming” generates 673,000 global searches per month in Google Search alone, with over twelve thousand of those being exact match searches. The keywords contained in the domain name are the most common keywords that a potential customer might use in an online search engine to look for these services and can potentially help customers find the website of anyone utilizing this exact match domain name. The strength of these keywords can also help instill confidence that a new brand is of high quality and can help build much needed trust for making a first time purchase of services. This makes an invaluable brand and a great lead generation tool for any company looking to break into the pet services industry or obtain the specific leads for their pet products business as pertains to a services division.

Ernest C. Seymour III, the president of says, "America loves pets. Over 46% of households own at least one dog, and we love to take good care of our loved ones. Pet grooming boutiques and mobile services are in high demand and internet sales continue to climb...all of which contribute to make a very smart and safe investment in the online space." is available exclusively through Super Niche for $200,000. For more information on or to make an offer, please visit


Super Niche LLC is a professional domain brokerage firm that has been on the web since 2004. As a premier place to buy or sell a premium domain name we specialize in the sale, consultation and acquisition of high quality aftermarket domain names. Super Niche’s mission is to match well funded buyers with motivated sellers by utilizing the power of our Domain Investor's Network(DIN) and the Name Factor Domain Analysis Newsletter to provide a flow of powerful keyword domains to domain investors, corporations and end users around the world.



Premium Domain Name Hits the Market domain name is now up for sale .The domain name ranks already in Google and will be sold to the highest bidder .

"Believe it or not, Summer is winding down and college students all across the country are gearing up for a brand new Fall semester. In conjunction with the flock of students returning to classes, is going up for auction and the highest bidder has the opportunity to acquire a great domain name. already ranks in Google and receives a steady flow of organic traffic coming into the site. The domain hosts a developed website that offers an extensive National college bookstore directory that contains a list of school bookstores for every state with the following information available for each store: Address, City, State, Email Address, Phone, Fax, Hours of Operation, School's Nickname, School Colors, Undergraduates, Post Graduates, Staff, Directions To Bookstore, Reviews, and a Google Map of the bookstore – the amount of content that is included in this domain is spectacular!

Along with the extensive college bookstore directory on, the premium domain auction will also include the built-in textbook price search engine as well as the free CollegeBooks iPhone app.

College students can visit and search for used and new textbooks via Title, Author or ISBN – the site will instantly return a list of online retailers that sell those textbooks with the prices that each one currently has them listed at.

In case a student needs to look up a college bookstore or textbook price on the go, offers the free CollegeBooks iPhone app that allows students to search the National college bookstore directory and use the textbook price search engine from any iOS device – the inclusion of the iPhone app makes this domain auction an excellent grab for anyone that wants a website that is 100% developed.

Gear up for the upcoming Fall semester by acquiring a great online college bookstore website that will surely be of great benefit to the millions of college students returning to class after a long Summer break.

About CollegeBookstore was founded in 1999 and the company strives to offer college students a free resource to search for local college bookstores and buy cheap textbooks online. This premium domain is a great acquisition as the Fall semester is quickly approaching."


Geographic gTLD Applications Taking A Battering

Objections to a number of applications for regional generic Top Level Domains have meant that a few have seemingly bitten the dust.

First was the application for .swiss by Swiss International Airlines. The Swiss government objected to this application, and so the airline withdrew its application.

Then there were a few South American countries that objected to applications for .patagonia by the outdoor company and .amazon by the online retailer, and both seem to have been rejected.

For .patagaonia, Argentina and Chile protested while Brazil and Peru objected to .amazon. All of the countries objected to private companies having control of gTLDs and preventing individuals and organisations in these regions being able to register domains to benefit the regions.

The protests against the three gTLD applications have been most prominent at Governmental Advisory Committee. For example, the Swiss government set out its reasons for objecting and said "there is no doubt that the adjective/noun 'Swiss' and the management of the corresponding gTLD belong to the Swiss community and should not be controlled by a single private entity."

The governments of Brazil and Peru in objecting to .amazon said the application by the online retailer "has not received support from the governments of the countries in which the Amazon region is located. Therefore, the Governments of Brazil and Peru (GAC Members), with full endorsement of Bolivia, Ecuador and Guyana (Amazonic non GAC members) and also of the Government of Argentina, would like to request that the gTLD application be included in the GAC early warning process."

The governments of Argentina and Chile gave similar reasons for their objections to .patagonia.

In the case of both of .amazon and .patagonia, there was only one application for each. But in the case of .swiss, the Swiss government also applied through their Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.


Moniker Premium Summer Auction Results

Domain name auction company SnapNames,managed to sell close to 66,000 ($65,770)  worth of domain names in its Summer auction .The highest sale is at 8,000 .

The auction featured 139 domain names .

Here are the results:    $5,507  $6,300   $5,000   $4,200   $375   $385   $425    $350   $325    $8,000   $5,500   $4,900    $590    $300    $300   $300   $300   $300  $300   $300   $300   $300    $300    $300  $480  $355   $785  $950  $550  $1,450   $726  $480  $1,313  $5,800   $3,612   $3,421  $691