Tuesday, April 23, 2013

.An Domains To Be Removed by October 2014

.An Domains To Be Removed

.An Domains To Be Removed by October 2014
According to BrandsShelter.com, the .An registry is being phased out with the the .An ccTLD being removed from the root server by October 2014.

Here is the announcement:

""The University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA), the administrator of .AN domains, will start the removal of .AN domain names from their databases and systems on October 31, 2013."

"Exactly one year later, on October 31, 2014, .AN will be excluded from the DNS root server."
.AN is the ccTLD of the former Netherlands Antilles which have been dissolved in 2010 into the two new, autonomous countries Curacao and St. Maarten.  The operation of the .AN TLD, that exists since 1993, is being phased down.  The UNA advises to move .AN domain names to the .CW Zone. .CW is the ccTLD of Curaçao.

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