Saturday, April 27, 2013

Philadelphia Inquirer Wants All Domains With “Philly”

Philadelphia Inquirer loses dispute over domain name that includes "Philly".

The Philadelphia Inquirer, and its parent company apparently think they own the term “Philly”.
True, the newspaper’s home on the web is But anyone who has ever eaten a Philly cheesesteak knows that it’s a common nickname for the city.

It's a little surprising that the Philadelphia Inquirer decided to go after a local news site,, claiming that it was cybersquatting on its trademark for

Philadelphia Media Network filed a cybersquatting complaint against and lost hands down. The arbitration panel didn’t find that the paper had tried reverse domain name hijacking, but it certainly doesn’t look good.  The respondent a federally registered trademark for, although the paper is also challenging that.

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