Monday, April 29, 2013

Uniregistry, TLDH Partner To Run .country

Uniregistry & TLDH will take equal equity in joint venture to run .country

The two applicants for the top level domain name .country have entered into an agreement to partner, rather than fight, over .country.  Top Level Domain Holdings issued a press release this morning announcing the deal between its company and Frank Schilling’s company, Uniregistry.  This is the first publicly announced agreement that will resolve a contention set, as no other companies applied for .country.  Under the terms of the deal, both companies will get a 50% stake in a new company to which the .country contract with ICANN will be transferred.  Both TLDH and Uniregistry representatives have said they won’t participate in private auctions, one of the ways to resolve a contention set prior to an ICANN auction, due to concerns about antitrust violations.

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