Sunday, December 25, 2011 For Sale - Make Offer! is for sale and offers are being accepted.  This domain is listed for $391,710 and it is well worth every penny.  Appraisals have come in for as hight as $2,280,000 but then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  A company selling designer clothes or accessories could easily justify the expense of this domain given the seo factor and the amount of searches(millions) every month for the keyword Fashion.  Check the stats below.  Make An Offer Here!

Important Notice: This is an Internationalized Domain (IDN). Technically the domain is XN--FASHON-ZVA.COM.              

Search Overview:
Avg Search Results (keyword):100,000,000
Avg Search Results (sld):100,000,000
Avg Ad Count (keyword):5
Avg Ad Count (sld):5
Traffic Rank:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 467,390
Google Page Rank:
Type-in Score:
Overture (domain):3,523
Overture (sld):285,749
Overture (keyword):285,749
Word Tracker (keyword):5,205

Average Monthly Search Stats - fashion
Average Monthly Searches: 82,960,000
Average Cost Per Click: $0.92 USD
Average Ad Competition: high
Average Monthly Search Stats - [fashion]
Average Monthly Searches: 2,232,600
Average Cost Per Click: $0.92 USD
Average Ad Competition: high

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